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Last dispositions

In Lombardy, it is always mandatory to wear the mask or any other garment to protect mouth and nose, each time you are outside home.

Individual sport activities are still allowed. Furthermore, it is allowed to practice physical individual activities inside sport halls, centres and sport sites.

From May 18th all food and beverage services and activities reopen, such as restaurants, taverns, pizzerias, self-services, canteens, bars, pubs, bakeries, ice cream shops, fry shops and catering services.

In case of symptoms


Do not leave home

Minimize all social contacts and avoid going out if experiencing suspected symptoms.


Do not go the Emergency Room

In case of suspected symptoms, do not go to the hospital ER: it would mean a risk for you and others.


Call the doctor

If you have any doubt or if you suspect the contagion, please call your family doctor, your pediatrician or the emergency medical care by the phone, or please contact the toll-free number 800 894 545.


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